Offer shipping services with the right solution for your location.

Revolutionizing Diverse Markets With Self-Service Kiosks

SEND’s self-service postal kiosks are quickly becoming an essential part of the service industry. With these kiosks, customers can enjoy the benefits of the simple parcel shipping option, which saves your business a significant amount of time and money.

Numerous markets are also benefiting from the payment kiosk system. Whether you manage a restaurant, a supermarket, a clothing store, or any other kind of shop, our self-service kiosks are the best way to improve overall work efficiency.

Streamline Your Daily Operations With SEND

Our self-service payment kiosk can reduce your dependency on cashiers and eliminate long lines at supermarkets, especially during peak hours. Our clients are free to choose between a freestanding model, a booth, or the smaller kiosks that can be mounted on walls based on space availability.

Flexible Service Hours

Longer operating hours to fulfill your customers’ shipping needs 24/7.


Contact-free access and payments promote a cleaner environment while helping your customers feel safer and more comfortable.


Accepting payments from all the major credit cards and most popular mobile pay options, SEND kiosks give customers more options to pay their way.

Customer Experiences

With shorter wait times and reduced chances of human clerical errors, SEND improves the speed and efficiency of your services for improved customer experience.


SEND kiosks let you perfectly customize the customer experience to best reflect your brand identity by adding logos and colors.

Increase Revenue and Efficiency

The SEND kiosks allow you to offer more efficient service without hiring more staff. They are the perfect way to initiate new revenue streams without increasing your operating cost.

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